Fresh Mushrooms

Permanent Stock -

Abalone Oyster -

The abalone oyster is named after the aquatic shellfish due to its resemblance. The abalone oyster has white skin with small golden lines on its surface. The abalone has a earthy, buttery flavor and smooth texture when cooked.

Blue Oyster -

Oyster mushrooms are some of the easiest mushrooms to care for. Blue Oyster is a year-round variation that produces dark blue mushrooms that lighten as the mature. Oyster mushrooms have a mild flavor with a tender consistency, oysters substitute well into many mushroom recipes.

Elm/Pearl Oyster -

The pearl oyster is one of the most commonly used oyster mushrooms throughout the culinary world. The pearl oyster has a pearly white appearance that darkens slightly as the mushroom matures. Our pearl oyster mushroom are clones of a specimen harvested in Wilderness Park in Lincoln.

Grey Oyster -

The grey oyster is another year-round producer that is easy to cultivate. Grey oysters will range in color from dark grey in colder weather to a lighter color in warmer temperatures.  Used frequently in Asian cuisine but go great in any dish.

Phoenix Oyster -

The phoenix oyster is an aggressive variant that is great for beginners! This is a year-round variant found throughout the world and mainly in the eastern United States. The caps are dark brown to pale depending on the temperature.

Shiitake -

The shiitake is an edible mushroom that is native to East Asia and used extensively in Asian cuisine. The shiitake is easily cultivated and has a woody, smoky taste when cooked, and has a soft, fleshy texture.

Lion's Mane/Bear's Head -

The lion’s mane is an edible mushroom that belongs to the tooth fungus group. The lion’s mane tends to grow in one clump with dangling spines. When cooked the lion’s mane has the consistency of lobster or crab and used as a seafood substitute in some dishes. These are one of our most popular mushrooms!

Reishi -

The reishi is a traditional Chinese medicinal mushroom used for its health benefits. The reishi is a polypore that has a red, kidney shaped cap. The reishi can be found all over the world and found primarily in the northern hemisphere.

Rotating Stock -

Brown Beech -

The brown beech or ‘Bunashimeji’ is a small brown capped mushroom that is packed with flavor. The brown beech has a nutty, buttery flavor with a firm texture.

Gold Oyster -

The gold oyster is native to Russia, China, and Japan. The caps bloom into bright yellow to golden brown clusters.

Hen of the Woods/Maitake -

The maitake mushroom is a polypore mushroom that grows in clusters. Also known as hen-of-the-woods is foraged for worldwide, and can be found in the wild locally, and is used in Italian American cuisine. The maitake has multiple gray-brown caps that cluster together and curl. In Japan, some specimens have grown up to 100 pounds!

King Oyster -

Native to the Mediterranean, the king oyster is the largest species of oyster mushroom. The king oyster has a thick stem with small cap which has little flavor raw but develops typical mushroom flavors and textures when cooked.

Nameko -

The nameko is a small amber colored mushroom that has an earthy flavor that is really brought out when sautéed, and its textures holds up to sautéing. The nameko is a standard ingredient in miso soup and other Asian dishes.

Pink Oyster -

The pink oyster is one of the most beautiful mushrooms you can grow. The pink oyster grows in clusters that resemble a bright pink bouquet that lightens with age. When cooked the pink oyster will lose some of their color and have a seafood taste like shrimp.

Velvet Foot/Enoki -

The enoki is a long, thin white mushroom used in east Asian cuisine. The enoki has a crisp texture and is best eaten fresh while the stems are still white. In the wild the enoki is reddish orange with a short shaft and large cap, they are only long and then when cultivated indoors.

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