Grow Your Own


Whether you are a mushroom enthusiast, a restaurant owner, or a farmer, we have the materials and know-how to get you up and running and growing your own mushrooms in no time.

Once you decide to grow your own mushrooms, whether it's going to be a hobby or a business, we will provide you with the proper products and expertise.

If you are a farmer looking for an added income stream, join our affiliate farm program! We will deliver the ready to fruit mushroom grow bags to you and all you have to do is provide the right environment for the mushrooms to grow and then harvest them. Once you harvest them we will package and distribute them, it’s that easy.

Here's How Simple it is!


Mushrooms like humidity and fresh air, so creating the right environment is key to a successful mushroom crop.


When the mushrooms are ready, harvesting is as simple as picking them by hand or cutting them from the substrate.


Mushrooms store best under refrigeration. Having the proper equipment will allow you to store them until you're ready to sell or eat them.