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Grow Your Own

Nebraska Mushroom makes growing your own mushrooms easy with our ready to fruit mushroom grow bags and mushroom spawn. Take your cooking game up a notch and grow some in the kitchen, turn your garden into a food forest, or make your dreams a reality and build your own mushroom farm! Contact us to find out how easy it can be.


Mushrooms like humidity and fresh air, so creating the right environment is key to a successful mushroom crop.


When the mushrooms are ready, harvesting is as simple as picking them by hand or cutting them from the substrate.


Mushrooms store best under refrigeration. Having the proper equipment will allow you to store them until you're ready to sell or eat them.

Why Nebraska Mushroom?


Nebraska Mushroom uses raw, local hardwood trees as the main ingredient in the mushroom blocks.


All produce is locally grown and picked fresh to deliver the best quality mushrooms available on the market.


We offer a variety of different hard to find varieties of mushrooms to take your cooking to the next level.


Mushrooms have long been used for their healing properties. Mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals.


Nebraska Mushroom strives to be as sustainable as possible by reusing our spent mushroom substrate material to grow other varieties of mushrooms outdoors and to enrich the soil for organic vegetable production.


Nebraska Mushroom will walk you through all of the steps to grow your own mushrooms at home or on the farm.

Our Mushrooms

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Educate Yourself

Interested in delving further in the world of mushrooms? At Nebraska Mushroom, we aim to provide useful and insightful information covering a wide variety of topics.

Whether you are considering growing your own mushrooms, or are interested in the nutritional and health benefits, Nebraska Mushroom is your one-stop shop for everything mushroom related. We have years of experience growing, harvesting, and selling mushrooms that we want to pass on to you! Growing mushrooms is an easy and rewarding hobby that anyone can do in their own home.